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                               About High Quality Tile

High Quality Tile is a family owned and operated business established on experience, quality workmanship, and business values. High Quality Tile offers various types of tile services such as back splashes, flooring, and showers to suite your needs. In addition, we offer custom add-on's such as shower niches, handicap accessible showers, and shower benches to name a few. With shower system warranties from 1year to a lifetime warranty.
               Jerry Rodriguez Jr., is the owner of High Quality Tile along  with DAD Jerry Rodriguez Sr with many years of experience working on both commercial and residential contracts. We pride ourselves on the quality of  work and are dedicated to bringing the best quality workmenship and materials. Fully Insured and Certified in Laticrete P.T.K CLass (Profit through Knowledge) in materials and install methods, Wedi shower systems with a 10 year warranty, Schulter Shower systems with a lifetime warranty, Laticrete shower systems with up to a lifetime warranty, Certified in GPT Gauged porcelain Tile Panels,  30Hr Osha Certified and  part of  The N.T.C.A community (National Tile Contractors Association) in practicing correct installation methods with regular Ntca workshop attandance.  Currently passed C.T.I written test and waiting on hands on test (Certified Tile Installer company)  & on our way to becoming a 5 STAR Contracting Company. Schedule hands on test Date Not set for 2020 yet.                     

                          2018 Recently Completed Projects

 RoseWood 2,000' SQ Ft of Tile Showers & Floors Completed               BAkke 1,000' SQ ft of Tile Floors Completed

 San Antonio Country Club Phase 4 Completed                         Andeavor Oil Corp. (6 Elevator Cab Floors) Completed

 Laramie Resi. Bathroom Floors Completed

 Paterson Resi. 300' Sqft Of Quartz Slabs And Schluter                                               Shower Prep Completed

 Toyota Motor Manufacturing 1,800 sqft Completed

Carlson Resi. 3000' Sqft of Tile Showers and Floors

         Omi Mary Immaculate 28,000 Sqft Of Tile Showers And Floors (25 Showers and Field Floors) OMi 1-5

              TMMTX Phase 2 Paint Department Men and Womens Restroom Walls 1,700' SqFt

       Deen Residence 700'Sqft Plank Tile and backsplashes

Frank Herrera 300' Sqft Quartz slab and Shcluter Shower Prep

        and Tub Mural.

    Messiah Lutheran Church 7,500 Sq Ft Floors Walls and showers

Humble Creek Ranch Daycare Shower and Floor

Cave Lane Tub Surround

ManchesterWay Patio 2000'Sqft 

                               2019 Completed Projects

          Barrow Oak 1,600 Sqft of 6x24 Plank

          Mary Immaculate Father Ray Johnson Shower                   ParkLane 3 Showers, Floors and backsplashes

          Country Field Tub Recess and BathRoomfloor 

          Casa Verde 1,000'sqft 13x13 patching, RR wainscoat &                                             backsplash patching

          Hillview Shower & Bathroom Floor 

          Breakfield Res. Shower & Bathroom floor

          Marathon Oil 4 Cab elevator floors   

          Lyell Residential 600' Sqft of Field Floor   

          WayWard Residential 750'sq of floor and tub  

          Toyota Hero Assembly 1,800 Sqft   


                               2020 Completed Projects

          1 San Joaquin 450 sqft Field Floor and Shower

          2 Ranum Residence 650' Sqft Plank tile random pattern

          3 Va Poly Trauma Unit Room#111 Leaky Shower pan

                      redo (from a previous company 12yr old install)

          4 Lazy Oaks Demo 800Sqft & Install 6x24Plank Tile                                          and base trim.

          5  Heart V 800' SQft 4x8

          6 School of Science & Tecnology 8,000' Sqft 24x24                        wainscoat corridor Tile, 400' sqft 8x8 Quarry, 600'                    sqft 4x4 kitchen wall tile.

          7  Residential 300' sqft exterior patio floor

          8 San Antonio Police Academy 8x8 Quarry Patching

          9 Dinn residence 30' sqft kitchen backsplash tile. 

         10. Jaine 1,200 sqft 6x36 plank field floor tile                                                       Current Projects

                  Garza Residence Shower floor repair.

     (Previous inexperienced installer poor shower drain) 


                                 UP Coming Projects 

         1. J&R Tile 1,450 sqft Revo Porcelain click tile, 350' sqft restroom floors and 450' sqft restroom walls

         2. Myers Redience 108' sqft 12x24 BBQ                                   Backsplash 

         3. Country Field 1,500' sqft of 6x36 plank tile &                            tub recess wall tile.

         4. Brakefield Residence 500' Sqft 12x24 floor 

         5. G.C scheduled Back-splash

         6. G.C scheduled Back-splash

         7.  Kelby New shower install

         8. McCreless Library Lobby Floor 500 sqft 12x24 

         9. Arellano Resi. 550 Sqft 6x36 plank tile      



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